Legacy Bricks

The Legacy Brick Walkway, Veterans National Memorial Shrine & Museum
Legacy Bricks, Veterans National Memorial Shrine & Museum

Each personalized brick pays tribute to a veteran or veteran related organization in service to our nation. All profits from the sale of bricks help fund your Shrine and Museum.

Available in two sizes (4x8 and 8x8). Bricks can be displayed on the Memorial Honor Wall on the façade of the building or on the Vietnam Memorial Walkway. 

Memorial Honor Wall bricks are 4 x 8 size and $125, 8x8 size is $200. Vietnam Walkway bricks are one color and are $125 for 4x8 size. Replica bricks for display at home or office come with rubber feet and can be purchased for $75. 

All bricks can be personalized with a veteran’s name and service dates. You can choose customized graphics and logos. 

Place your order online at https://thatsmybrick.com/vnmsm

The Veterans National Shrine and Museum grounds are always open. Museum hours are Sun-Mon-Thur-Sat, 11am-3pm.  You may visit by appointment. Call 260-267-5022.