UAW Offers Huge Support for our Vietnam Wall

United Auto Workers Local 2209 plans to donate $100,000 to the Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum to support the Vietnam Wall project.

Holli Murphy, president of UAW Local 2209, said the hourly workers at General Motors' Allen County assembly plant are “proud and honored” to help the veterans organization install the replica wall in Fort Wayne.

“This lasting tribute to the fallen heroes of the Vietnam War will bring thousands of new visitors to our community. Our members of Local 2209 voted unanimously to support this treasured monument. We will also provide the Veterans Memorial Shrine and Museum with an additional $50,000 for operating expenses over the next two years,” Murphy said in a statement.

Greg Bedford, the Shrine and Museum's commander, said members are overwhelmed by the union's generosity.


In school, Robert was interested in history of America and wars throughout world history. He found a fascination in the history of World War II and started collecting books to learn more. This would peak his interest to join the military.

We Are Not Alone.

Hello my Name is Tim Schild Formerly SFC Schild of the US ARMY where I served six years on active duty and 11 in the Reserves and National Guard. I currently work as a Peer Support Specialist for the VA.

Carpenters Local 232 donated materials for a Cupola to house the new speakers at the Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum located at 2122 O’Day Rd. Fort Wayne, IN.

IKORCC Representative Tom Case, and Local 232 Veterans Ron Clements, Dave Straub, and John Evans volunteered to honor our veterans and lend a helping hand.

Darryl Esterline with Local 20 SMART Sheet Metal Workers, also volunteered to supply metal flashing and help with installation.

A newly organized display case is helping us honor our founders, Eric and Cleo Scott.

One of the big items is the 6th Engineers Guidon in the center of the case. It has an image of the castle in the upper left corner. The outside edge is red with red lettering inside the white center rectangle area. 1917 is placed in the lower right as the year of formation for the 6th Engineers.

These words were spoken by our founder, Eric Scott and echoed by his wife, Cleo at the establishment of what has become the Veterans National Memorial Shrine & Museum in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Eric Scott was only 18 when he enlisted in the U.S. Army. He was mustered in and spent six weeks in training. His assignment was to the Third Infantry Division, Sixth Combat Engineers in France.