Founders Display Case Updated

A newly organized display case is helping us honor our founders, Eric and Cleo Scott.

One of the big items is the 6th Engineers Guidon in the center of the case. It has an image of the castle in the upper left corner. The outside edge is red with red lettering inside the white center rectangle area. 1917 is placed in the lower right as the year of formation for the 6th Engineers.

Above the case is the print of “The Rock of The Marne” that is painted to show the battle in which the 3rd Infantry Division would get its nickname. The 6th Engineers were part of the 3rd Infantry Division and they were required to clear obstacles before the Infantry units would go “Over the Top” from the trenches to attack. The 3rd Infantry Division would start an offensive that would continue to push the Germans back towards Germany until the Cease Fire on 11 November at 1100 hrs. The print was created for the War Department and distributed by the US Army History Center. Also on the case is a wood shield shape with the 3rd Infantry Division insignia that was worn on the shoulder of the Soldiers. This was to honor the men of the 6th Engineers who served in the Division.

There are two photos in the case of founder Eric A. Scott, who was a soldier in E Company of the 6th Engineers. The one photo is taken before his unit leaves for France in front of Barracks in Washington D.C. The second photo is after the Battle of the Marne and shows the fatigue and dirt on his face.

There is also two French Awards presented to Eric Scott by the gratitude of the French people for the Soldiers who came to defend France from the German Invasion. Each medal has a certificate to explain the reason for the award. One award is the Croix de Guerre for courage in war. The second award is for fighting to defend the Verdun area of France which had some of the heaviest fighting in all the war.

A photo and drawing show the founders, Cleo and Eric Scott, posed for a portrait. They opened their ground as a Shrine to all Veterans and Active Military. There is a newspaper magazine article in 1980 to feature the Memorial Shrine and Museum. Both Eric and Cleo are interviewed for the article.

Finally are some photos of 6th Engineer Reunions for the World War I unit. The reunions would be held at the Memorial grounds location in the museum area that was known as Daley Hall that was named after the AEF Battalion Commander of the 6th Engineers. Eugene would stay in the US Army after the Great War and would be eventually promoted to Major General in 1942. He would retire at that rank after a distinguishing career.