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Please note: We are not currently accepting artifacts on either a permanent or temporary basis as we continue working on our inventory and display/storage of the artifacts currently in our possession. We do not anticipate being ready for additional artifacts until at least May 2024. Thanks for understanding!

As the summer slips away and fall is trying not to become winter, the honored grounds at the Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum are a blanket of colors.

The beautiful trees have watched from above and seen many changes in 2023.

Korean Monument  
On November 11, we added and dedicated a new tribute to all Korean Veterans. The seven foot tall statues depict 12 men on patrol.

Under guidance and in partnership with donor W. Paul Wolf, the new memorial is a dramatic example of what has often been called “The Forgotten War”.

Each statue features a different pose, including one man helping another, a rifleman, a man sweeping for mines and others.

To make the memorial even more personal, each of the 12 statues features the face of a Northeast Indiana Korean Veteran.

This memorial has already opened a door for remembering and to help give life to those Korean veterans who have died and those still living.

Just Completed
We have completed the Legacy Brick Wall on front of The Sterling Chapel. While the chapel remains under construction, we are grateful for this continuing progress.

Legacy Brick Sales Continue
While we have completed this phase of new our chapel, you can order a Legacy Brick and we offer different choices for placement on the grounds. Each 4" x 8" brick is $125 and you choose from a variety of engraving. Available at this link.



Museum New and Old
by Robert Thomas

With the completion of the W. Paul Wolf War History Museum, many new features await our visitors.

• Three times larger
• Disability Friendly
• Twice the number of artifacts on display
• Paul's Cafe
• The PX Shop
• Rest & Relaxation Picnic Area

The old museum is being re-purposed for two new features. The entrance room will become the Medal of Honor Research Library to honor the recipients of our nation’s highest award. It will feature a section on biographies and autobiographies.

Other sections will include yearbooks from training to service time in war and peace, histories of our nation’s wars to include the colonial wars before the American Revolution.

With the expansion our ability to research and display our equipment section lets us offer a wide range of military vehicles, weapons and a large collection of uniforms and personal items.

All of the original exhibits have been moved into the new museum and expanded with new artifacts, maps, photos, paintings, uniformed mannequins, and the history of the wars/conflicts. A new group of exhibits will feature Weapons of War: Women in the Service when they were a sub-branch of the services, Organizations that have helped the military services, Items of Honor left at our Memorials on the grounds, and American Heroes that features military personnel and units that honor and served the United States.