Vietnam War

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The Vietnam Wall replica is here forever.
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Of special note is a retired Traveling Vietnam Wall at our site, often called the "Healing Wall".

While America was well aware of the conditions in Vietnam in the 1950s, the first 3,500 Marines did not land at Da Nang, Vietnam until March 8, 1965. 

By 1968, more than 549,000 men and women were “in country.” The period of America’s involvement, 1965 to 1973, would become so divisive that it would fracture the public view of the war compared to what government officials were saying.

While this anti-war turmoil was expanding, all American servicemen and women fighting the war wished for one thing: “Get back to the World on a Freedom Bird.”

Our collections from this war include weapons, uniforms, photographs, flags, Watch Tower and much more.

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