We will be writing stories about the first recipients of the Medal of Honor, by war.

Civil War

During the Civil War, efforts by Senator James Grimes and Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles to inspire sailors to valorous service led to the creation of the Medal of Honor in December 1861. Legislation authorizing a similar medal for soldiers in the army followed in 1862.

Fort Wayne, IN, January 16th The Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum located at 2122 O’Day Road in Fort Wayne has announced that there will be Global War on Terrorism monuments constructed on the memorial grounds to honor all those who served in the Middle East conflicts.


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The Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum has a new additionto share. It is a M-247 Sergeant York aerial combat tank. The M-247 was a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun developed by Ford Aerospace in the late '70s. Based on the M48 Patton tank, it replaced the Patton’s turret with a new one that featured twin radar-directed Bofors 40mm rapid-fire guns. The vehicle was named after Sergeant Alvin York, a famous World War I hero. 

Veterans Day 2023 marked another significant moment as The Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum dedicated a truly inspiring memorial to Korean veterans who helped win "The Forgotten War".

There are 12 statues depicting a patrol and each features the actual face of 12 Korean Veterans from the area. Every statue has a different pose, including a rifleman, minesweeper and one soldier helping another.


The Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum  announces the addition and dedication of a new Civil War monument, Monday August 7, 2023, on the grounds at 2122 O’Day Road in Fort Wayne.

The new monument was donated by a local family that had relatives serving during the Civil War and in World War II. The black granite monument stands over six feet tall.

With great excitement and honor, the W. Paul Wolf War History Museum opened on Memorial Day weekend.
We appreciate all the people that attended as we celebrate another step in our commitment to our founders:

"Where no veteran will ever be forgotten."

Mr. Wolf, a Korean veteran, has provided tremendous support for our mission. With almost triple the space of our old museum, much more of our historical artifacts can be displayed.

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Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum Wins Hoosier Hospitality Award.

On November 29th, the Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum 2122 O’Day Road Fort Wayne was selected as a 2022 Hoosier Hospitality Award Winner. This award is given to Hoosiers that have displayed a high level of service in tourism-related professions in Indiana.

According to an article at: of the 3,498 service members who have received the Medal of Honor throughout U.S. history, only 88 have been black. The first was Army Sgt. William H. Carney.

He earned the honor for protecting the United States' greatest symbol during the Civil War -- the American flag.

On Saturday September 24th the Veterans National Memorial Shrine & Museum located at 2122 O’Day Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46818 announced a new Gold Star Families memorial coming to the grounds.

In addition to the Woody Williams Foundation's support, Terry Hudson, former board member, and his family generously supported the installation with a $50,000 donation.

Thank You to Star Financial for all their help at the Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum on
Wednesday, August 24th, United Way Day of Caring!
Having community partners such as Star Financial is extremely important to our pledge:
"Where no veteran will ever be forgotten."